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OPMT Won the Ringier Technology Innovation Award


Recently, the 2023 Metal Processing Industry - Ringier Technology Innovation Award Ceremony hosted by Ringier Industrial Media was grandly held at the Dragon Dream Hotel in Shanghai. Over a hundred professionals from enterprises, universities, and users gathered together to summarize the innovation achievements of the past year and discuss the future of industry development together. Among them, the "Five axis linkage ultra fast laser rotary cutting and drilling machine tool" product of Original Intelligence has won the "Ringier Technology Innovation Award" due to its unique processing advantages.

Expert team comments:

The five axis linkage ultra fast laser rotary cutting drilling machine tool independently developed and manufactured by the company has higher drilling capacity and roundness technical indicators than similar products!


It is reported that the Ringier Technology Innovation Award is hosted by the leading industrial information media, Ringier Industrial Media. Since its successful holding in 2006, it has received widespread attention from the industry for its fair and objective selection process, and has become the most professional and influential industry selection in the industrial manufacturing field. Every year, this award is awarded to outstanding innovation pioneers in the industry, in order to recognize innovative products and technologies with outstanding contributions in the industry, and encourage more enterprises to invest in technological innovation to improve productivity and economic benefits; Provide greater convenience to users; To achieve the goal of green environmental protection and sustainable development.


This is the second consecutive year that Original Intelligence has won the Ringier Technology Innovation Award. Winning the award again is a high recognition and recognition of the strength of Original Intelligence technology, research and development achievements, and product quality. In the future, Original Intelligence will continue to uphold and carry forward the spirit of "ambitious and advancing despite difficulties", provide customers with satisfactory products and services, enhance the international competitiveness of domestically produced multi axis linkage precision laser processing machines, and promote the development of intelligent manufacturing in China!


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